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The Shefffield Star (About Shaun) Please Read This!

Dream come true for ‘Smokin Shaun’

They call him Smokin’ Shaun

And while Sheffield boxing has had more than its fair share of heartbreak recently, following the death of Scott Westgarth, the sport has certainly been a blessing for one city sports fans.

Shaun Barker, age 27, suffers from cerebral palsy and had to try and overcome movement difficulties in his daily life.

Yet he loves being put through his paces by trainer and former WBO European, Commonwealth and English champion Rose Burkinshhaw at the BossBoxFit gym in handsworth.

Shaun, who lives in Crookes, said he initially heard about the gym from a Support worker.

He tried it – and loves it.

He said the exercise “helps me improve my disability and gets me out to meet people.”

Shaun, whose favourite boxer is Sheffield former world champion Kell Brook, added; “I enjoy keeping fit, Rose is very good at his job and favourite shot is left (hook.”)

Sheffield United and Sheffield Steelers fan Shaun isn't training at Burkinshhaw’s gym in Richmond Park Rd, for a white collar boxing match at Rotherham’s New York Stadium on May 18, when he is in the ring to help raise money for Hallam FM Cast for kids.

Burkinshhaw said: “I take my hat off to this kid Shaun for not letting his disability, cerebral palsy get better of him.

“His career told it was his dream to box, so I thought to myself – why not? We can make this happen and it is a pleasures to help him achieve that."

“I’m told that he needs to build his muscles and we can do that, we are focusing on his legs and arms and doing everything for his movement.

“He came in walking with the aid of a stick but we’ve got him walking without it, around the gym. He loves it, Shaun will be in the ring first in our May show in Rotherham and he just can't wait.”

Meanwhile, the nation’s boxing administrator are evaluating a new handheld brain scanner that could be used by ringside doctors. The British Boxing Board of Control is supervising trial of the device carried out by the London Air Ambulance.

The scanner apparently detects brain bleeds with an accuracy of 90% often before any symptoms as headaches becomes apparent. The move is being backed by Westgarth’s brother Adam. Who believes all professional shows should have a scanner available.

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